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Our roots are

in the woods.

Wood as natural resource for healthy living got the wonderful success story going and has represented Ecolignum since its establishment in 2005. Pioneering spirit and clear visions strengthen the company. At a high percentage, our products are handmade. For us, esthetics as well as economy and ecology, are integral components of foresters', carpenters' and designers' work. We consider craftsmanship as something that needs to be eco-friendly and economical at the same time. Only this way, non-industrial manufacturing techniques and methods can survive in the future. 100 % of our products and raw materials are manufactured in the EU. We run another path than a lot of other companies that prefer outsourcing their production to Asian low-wage countries in order to save labor and raw material costs.

Sleep better. Live better.

Did you know that, on average, we sleep 219,000 hours during our lifetime? That’s about a third of our lives (assuming we live to be at least 75). A good night’s sleep is essential for both mind and body. Chronic sleep deprivation can lead to mental and physical fatigue and have a huge impact on our well-being. As one of the leading furniture brands for family beds, we see it as our duty to improve the quality of sleep for our customers. Our beds, occasional furniture and toys uphold our promise! From the raw material and production to the finished collection, they are 100% natural, unique and of the best quality.


is the production time.
The first 79 of these take place in the forest.



We care about regional procurement structures. As a company, we really strive to ensure that our partners and producers share our company's values and are not spread around the world. The flexibility of a regional network of suppliers is, aside from keeping journeys short, reducing pollutant and CO2 emissions, an important component of Ecolignum's operational efficiency. Another positive impact is the creation and retention of high-quality jobs within the European Union. Moreover, the coniferous and deciduous trees from which our products are made grow for decades in sustainable forestry, are PEFC or FSC certified and are felled and processed exclusively within the European Union.


is our relaxation period for the wood

before it goes into production.


Anyone who works with wood is familiar with the term sustainability. Indeed, this refers to the forest. We maintain this self-sustaining ecosystem by ensuring that no more wood is felled than can regrow naturally. In terms of economic activity in general, this means that anyone who acts in a sustainable manner will also guarantee that the fundamentals for our existence are also preserved for future generations. This refers, first and foremost, to the company itself, the internal processes and the finished products: all Ecolignum collections are manufactured in such a way that they can be returned to the natural cycle at any time. Yet sustainability doesn’t stop there: Our efforts and activities in and for the region are characterised by sustainability. For example, we run an almost paperless office, use only electric forklifts and support projects that ensure the reforestation of local forests.


sort each individual wood board.
Because they are better than 10 machines.


No two trees are the same. A tree's life history is evidenced by certain characteristic markings related to its growth: tree rings, sapwood, compressions and particular grains. This makes each solid piece of furniture completely unique and distinctive. Differences in climate, temperature, light and humidity not only have an impact on the wood, but on us too. Wood acts like a natural air conditioner, removing moisture from the air and then slowly releasing it again. For this reason, furniture made of solid wood should not be exposed to environments characterised by extremely high or low humidity; the wood may otherwise warp, cracks may develop and adhesive joints come undone. The most important thing about wood is its naturalness. And the most important thing for us is to preserve this naturalness, along with all its positive qualities.


Be different. Be better!

A strong sense of identity and independence is of vital importance to us. What makes us unique and gives us that added advantage are our close ties with the region of "East Westphalia". Everything we do is based on our core values: honesty, sustainability, responsibility and equality. We are the first generation to run the company independently of outside capital interests and the influence of third parties. Since October 2016, our company has been committed to helping the most vulnerable in society – those who are least able to influence the way the world is! We are partners of the SOS Children's Villages, support the organisation "Save the Children Deutschland e.V." and are members of "Kindernothilfe e.V". We are committed to doing our best for children whose lives we want to change for the better. And this in a place where the founders and other colleagues can personally make a difference directly on site - namely in this region.



Brot für die Welt
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