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Unsere Produkte entstehen aus der Leidenschaft für schönes Design, erholsamen Schlaf und solide Handwerkskunst - mitten im Herzen Europas. Ecolignum fertigt qualitative Schlafzimmermöbel und Familienbetten für dich, deine Familie und dein Zuhause.

Familienbett Scala

Family bed Scala

Life at home is always changing. We work or skype on the couch, we eat where we didn’t originally plan to, and the bed is sometimes a playground, sometimes a sports field. Families need more comfort for this flexible life, more nature and more ambiance. The Scala family bed is the right choice for everyone who loves their solid wood furniture in the bedroom to be comfortable, genuine and natural. With a clear style and natural surfaces, the tried and tested Scala collection sets an atmospheric accent and at the same time shows where it comes from. High-quality materials, such as the native, naturally-oiled oak, characterise the harmonious overall appearance and give the family bed a special value. With Scala, you will enjoy an entirely new sleeping sensation.



2 weeks after payment



Oiled surface



Low shipping costs within Europe



FSC & PEFC certified raw materials



Protected against wrong choice

Family beds can be ordered with or without slatted frames. An additional fall out protection keeps all the sleepers safe. Unpack, assemble and slip it on – it's that easy!


Unlike most other raw materials, wood is a renewable resource. Many materials are made from commodities such as oil, coal and metal – which nature cannot continuously replenish once they have been used up. Not so with wood! The only restrictions here lie in our desire to utilise forest resources sensibly and sustainably. We are committed to this long-term approach, which is why we exclusively offer products made of solid wood that is FSC or PEFC certified.


Wood acts like a natural air conditioner, removing moisture from the air and then slowly releasing it again. Furniture made of solid wood should therefore not be exposed to environments characterised by extremely high or low humidity as this could cause the wood to warp, form cracks or come apart at the adhesive joints. If the humidity is too high, there is also a risk of mould and material damage. Solid wood responds to its surroundings, it is always "working". Depending on the humidity, it expands (swelling) or contracts (shrinking). The material needs to be allowed time to adapt.

When you buy from Ecolignum, you get family beds from people who care – and from an award-winning brand company! In 2020, the German Design Council honoured our company with the German Brand Award for outstanding brand management in the Interior & Living category. Every year, an independent jury recognises the most successful and innovative brands and their concepts for consistent brand management and sustainable brand communication.

Scala (Shop)
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