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Familienbett Como (Erle, weisse Oberfläche)

Family bed Como

Good pillows, comfortable mattresses, and cosy duvets belong together like a family. And a family should be properly accommodated! There is hardly anything so important to parents in the first family years as their child's sleep. Babies, children, and young people naturally sleep well when they feel safe and secure. For children who can't yet walk, it is also especially important that their parents are nearby at night. The generous Como family bed, made of premium solid alder, is characterised by its high quality and ample size, and offers customised solutions that enable the whole family to get a good night's sleep.

The family bed can be ordered with or without slatted frames. An additional safety rail keeps all the sleepers safe. Unpack, assemble and slip it on – it's that easy!

The 240x200 family bed fits 2 slat frames and 2 mattresses in the standard size of 120x200 cm. The 270x200 family bed fits 3 slat frames and 3 mattresses in the standard size of 90x200 cm. The 280x200 family bed fits 2 slat frames and 2 mattresses in the standard size of 140x200 cm. Further information about the slatted frames can be found under the link "DOWNLOADS".

  • Details:

    • Material: Alder (Solid wood)
    • Surface: White
    • Height head part: 86 cm.
    • Height foot part: 40 cm.
    • Depth for slatted frames: 11 cm.
    • Max. slatted frame height: 6 cm.
  • Delivery time:

    • 2 calendar weeks after we receive your payment
    • Delivery with prior notice by phone
  • Shipping & assembly information:

    • Product will be delivered in disassembled form and can be quickly assembled
    • Easy and quick self-assembly
    • Sturdy cardboard packaging
  • Scope of delivery:

    • Family bed without decoration and mattresses
    • Optionally with slatted frames
  • Design:

    • Modern & timeless design
    • Continuous wood grain (not finger-jointed boards)
    • Harmonious material with pure and straight design
  • Quality:

    • High-quality and extremely sturdy construction
    • Durable, varnished surfaces that do not "yellow" or fade in sunlight
    • FSC and PEFC certified timber sourcing
    • Bolts that are invisible from the outside
    • High resistance to stains and scratches
PriceFrom €849.90
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